So many gems in this Copyblogger post on content and branding, but this one especially resonated with me:

If we want our customers to engage us, or our products and services, we have to contribute to the conversation.

Frank Strong, director of PR for Vocus, goes on to say that a lack of content generation is akin to saying “no comment” to a reporter.

Every smart crisis communications professional knows that ‘no comment’ creates a vacuum where everyone – except the person or organization in crisis – will be able to shape the conversation.

The conversation is happening, and your clients, prospects, employees, prospective employees and referral sources are participating in it. Are you adding your voice to that conversation, and in so doing adding depth and color to the story of your brand?

The Internet provides countless ways to join the conversation, from launching a blog to commenting on others’ blogs to self-publishing white papers and articles — and the list goes on.

The bottom line is that there is no excuse not to be part of the conversation. Unless you want others to control your message.

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2 Responses to Add Your Voice to the Conversation

  1. Frank Strong says:

    Thank you for the kind words and for sharing some of the ideas in a post of your own!

  2. CreativeSparks says:

    Thank you, Frank! I look forward to more of your insights.

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